Friday 23 October 2015


Fashion means everything to me. It always has. It makes me happy. It’s how I express myself, who I am, how I’m feeling. It makes my heart giddy when I find something I just have to have and I’ve fallen completely head over heels in love with. I love being able to show my creativity in my outfit choices and being able to experiment with different styles. And it’s what gives me confidence. What I’m wearing and how I feel about it has the greatest impact on my confidence level (followed by my makeup). I think the power that fashion has to affect how we’re feeling is incredible. I was studying for a degree in Fashion and Textiles Retailing at The University of Manchester when I became ill. It’s my greatest passion, and I hope to eventually be able to have the career I had always planned on before all of this began.

It has helped me in many ways over the last few years. It has always provided endless inspiration, but this inspiration turned into motivation. I spent countless hours in bed reading through fashion magazines and blogs, and on sites such as Who What Wear and The Coveteur. Because I was in bed all day, I had to live in pyjamas. It was really frustrating not being able to enjoy the thing that had always been such a huge part of my life. I was restricted to having to use my imagination to fantasize about what I would wear if I could. I’d have times where this would really get me down, but mostly it motivated me to keep on fighting. It helped add to my determination that I had to find a way to get through it, so that I could enjoy fashion again. Once I started making progress and got to a point where I could get dressed and occasionally leave the house I felt so much better. Shopping for clothes (online- I wasn’t able to go shopping in store for a while), choosing what to wear each day, it made such a big difference to how I was feeling. I started to feel normal again. This only added more to my motivation to keep going and continue getting better.

My personal style is quite girly, I’m always in dresses and skirts, although I do often like to add a bit of an edge. I follow trends but I tend to just buy and wear whatever it is I love and makes me feel good. I take lots of inspiration from vintage fashion and from various decades, at the moment the sixties, seventies and nineties are a big influence for my style. I wish desperately that I could afford all the designer pieces I’m constantly lusting after, but luckily we have an amazing UK high street. Asos and Topshop are my absolute favourites; I seem to always want pretty much everything they sell.  I also love Zara, and finding great, affordable things from shops like H&M and Primark.

Anyway, I hope that’s given you a sense of my style and an idea of the type of fashion you can expect to see from me. I’m working on my first outfit post next. Very scary!

Katie xx

Pink velvet Ankle Boots £38 Asos
Patchwork Shoulder Bag £35 Asos
Black Studded Pointed Flats £28 Asos
70s Deco Skater Dress £30 Monki
Damson Velvet Boots £45 Asos (sold out, similar here)
Black Saddle Bag £30 Topshop


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