Monday, 27 June 2016


Today’s post is something a little different. I was recently contacted by Farfetch asking if I’d like to enter a blogger competition, the only condition of entry being that my post has to take inspiration from their summer 2016 blogger content pack. Firstly, I love Farfetch, and I decided I definitely wanted to take part, however not necessarily for the chance to win. Don’t get me wrong, of course I would be over the moon to win, however my main motivation for entering was more of a personal one. As a blogger (I hope I’m ok to officially call myself that now), I think it’s important to constantly keep learning and improving and bringing better content to my blog. I thought it would be quite an interesting challenge to actually look through the content pack and see how I interpreted it and what inspiration I took to translate into a blog post that all of you lovelies would enjoy reading.

When looking through, the first thing that sparked my interest was a personal style profile of blogger Marie Hindkaer Wolthers from Blame it on Fashion. I always find it interesting to hear other people talk about and describe their own relationship with fashion and their personal style, and it’s something that always makes me think about my own. I immediately started thinking about this topic, and I thought it would be a great idea to share my own fashion story and journey into developing my personal style.

When I first started blogging at the end of 2015, one of the first posts I did was about my love of fashion and how much it helped me during my health problems (you can read my original post here), but there was so much more I wanted to include and talk about, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so.

It’s pretty obvious that I love fashion; why else would I have a style blog? But my relationship with fashion hasn’t always been an easy one. For as long as I can remember I always loved shopping and putting my little outfits together, taking style inspiration from whoever I admired and looked up to. However, also for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a lot of issues with my appearance and getting dressed used to be extremely difficult. I can’t tell you how many tantrums I would have as a child as I just couldn’t handle the way any of my clothes looked on me. I’ve always really struggled and been very self-conscious over my body and my looks. This got even worse while I was disabled as I ended up gaining a lot of weight and it worsened the depression I was already suffering from because I was so unwell. It was this and this alone that prevented me from starting blogging sooner. I had wanted to start one for such a long time but the thought of taking photos for the world to see was my biggest fear. Fortunately I eventually built up the courage to do so, and my confidence has grown massively as a result of having this blog and all of the lovely comments you guys are kind enough to leave me, but that being said getting dressed still can be hard.

There are so many pieces of clothing I love and trends I want to join in on, but I’ve learnt that I just can’t wear whatever I want. Some things I’m just not confident enough to wear until I’ve finished losing the weight I gained, sometimes they don’t fit right with my proportions, and now and then they just don’t work for my style. The most important thing I’ve learnt is that I have to know my body, know what works for me, and use that to make trends and styles work better for me so I can still enjoy fashion in its entirety. I now know that certain silhouettes are more flattering on my body shape and what styles and fits will make me more confident, and I honestly believe that being confident in your outfit is vital to personal style and owning your look. The only way to learn these things is to sometimes challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone. To try things on you wouldn’t usually wear to see if perhaps they may be better for you than your usual go to. All of this knowledge is key for me personally.

As I am sure has become very apparent in my outfit posts, I live in dresses and skirts. Pants and jeans are a rarity for me, and there is a simple reason for that: they don’t fit. I have a really hard time finding pants or jeans that fit me right because I have quite wide hips compared to the rest of my body. And on those few occasions that they do fit, they’re too unflattering for me to feel comfortable. This is something I discovered as a teenager at about 16 years old, and it was then I pushed myself outside of my fashion boundaries and started trying out skirts and dresses for everyday wear. It took some getting used to, but it quickly became clear to me that they were much more flattering and I loved wearing a more feminine outfit. I never looked back, and my personal style started to really develop at that point. Throughout college and then further more at university I was able to experiment and get a clear sense of what I loved. I played more with bold colours and prints, different textures and fabrics, and various styling choices.

So, I’m going to try and describe my personal style and fire off some of my favourite things-  First up, my style is definitely very girly and feminine. I love pink, full skirts, florals, sequins and embellishments, velvet, feathers, faux fur, and all of the other pretty things you could possibly think of. I have an extremely deep love for shoes, and an addiction to boots in particular. You will most likely never see my happier than when I buy new shoes, which is quite sad but true. A choker necklace is a must have for me, I rarely wear rings, and I like to contrast different styles, colours and prints. I always look to do something a little unexpected when putting my outfit together, and like to add a nice twist or a bit of an edge. I don’t own a pair of trainers, there’s only one pair of jeans or pants in my wardrobe at the moment, and casual sportswear is not my thing at all. Autumn Winter is my absolute favourite season for fashion. I love to layer and I have a weakness for lots of coats and jackets, plus for the colder season there’s even more boots around for me to lust after. I like to take style inspiration from various decades, with the 60s, 70s and 90s being my favourites. I love street style just as much as seeing a fashion show and take equal amounts of inspiration from both. I love the UK high street with Asos and Topshop being my meccas. And I practically live in black tights.

When it comes to shopping, I usually have an idea of what I’m looking for. If that isn’t the case I just like to keep my eyes open for anything that speaks to me and catches my eye. I then try to think how I’d style it and what do I currently have that I would wear it with. And finally I consider the price. How much does it cost? Can I afford it? Is it a justifiable price for me to pay based on how much wear I think I’ll get out of it? Of course there are exceptions such as if there’s a special occasion or event coming up as I will pay more whilst knowing it won’t be worn as much, but that’s my general way of thinking when shopping. I mentioned in my last outfit post that I don’t like to spend much on summer fashion; for the sole reason that here in the UK we just don’t really get a summer. So I’ll add a few key pieces and then look for much more affordable things. I instead save my money for autumn when I have a tendency to want absolutely everything and go a little crazy. But in my defence I know those pieces will get much more wear and be more versatile for me, the majority of the time at least, making it more justifiable in my fashion obsessed mind.

Styling my outfits is my favourite part. It’s what I’m passionate about and absolutely love to do. My starting point could be anything. It could be a piece of clothing, it could be my shoes, perhaps I need to wear something quite specific for where I’m going, anything. If I’ve recently bought something new I usually will be dying to wear it so will plan my outfit around that new purchase. Being a shoe obsessee, I always love to think of my footwear choice very early on in the styling process. And after that I will think about other accessories such as my bag and jewellery. I tend to keep my jewellery quite simple, with some kind of choker and perhaps a bangle or two. I usually prefer to keep the focus on just one or two pieces, so will often keep the rest of my look subtler. I do follow trends, however at the end of the day I know what I like and what I don’t. I will buy the things I see and fall head over heels in love with, and then it’s just a matter of incorporating them with the rest of my wardrobe. I’ll often pair things together that other people wouldn’t or that some might think don’t work, but all that matters to me is if I like it. If I love an outfit I’m going to wear it, and that love will give me the confidence to own it and not care what others think. Ultimately I think that’s what personal style is. It’s finding what works for you and what makes you happy, regardless of anything else.

Fashion is my greatest passion and I can’t effectively put into words how much I love it and how much it means to me. Once I started discovering my own style, my confidence grew, and it enabled me to become myself. It’s how I express myself, my identity and how I’m feeling. And I think that is a truly incredible thing.

I know this has been quite a long post, but I do hope you’ve found it interesting or helpful in some way. I always enjoy reading about other people’s personal style and their approach to shopping and dressing, so hopefully I’ve done a somewhat decent job of giving you a better idea into my style and processes.

I’d love to hear what you think of personal style and if it’s as important to you as it is to me?

Katie xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Here in Manchester we were enjoying absolutely gorgeous weather; the sun was shining, the skies were blue, and it was pretty darn hot. Unfortunately it was short lived and the past 2 weeks have been miserable and full of rain. Luckily though I took some outfit photos before the weather took a turn for the worse. The blinding sun on this particular day did make it quite difficult, so apologies for the quality of some of these photos, but it’s an outfit that I love and had to share.

Sadly, here in the UK we’re used to not having much of a summer, and as a result I’m often quite reluctant on spending much on summer fashion. I will spend more on a few pieces that I really love, such as my recent Topshop floral dress and Asos embroidered bomber jacket, but I usually try and avoid spending a lot on clothes as I know that they won’t get much wear. I instead try and find much more affordable things, and Primark is the first place I like to go. I haven’t been in for quite a while, but I’ve been twice in the last month and got some really great things that I know are going to help see me through the summer. This red floral cami dress is one of my recent buys, and it is perfect to add some summer brightness to my wardrobe.

Layering a cami or slip dress over a classic white t-shirt is my go to, and I love how very 90s this style of dress is. I was a 90s child, and it’s one of my favourite decades fashion wise. Granted, my style choices back then were largely influenced by Britney, The Spice Girls and an array of kids TV shows, and were very poorly executed I’m sure. Now though in adulthood I get to enjoy the 90s in all of their fashion clad glory as trends from back then are re-imagined and modernised. Cami dresses seem to be the key piece this season to add some 90s vibes, and wearing some kind of top underneath is my favourite way of styling them. Of course for evening cami and slip dresses are in their element teamed with heels, but making them daytime appropriate is more my thing. This particular white t-shirt is from Asos, and I opted for some black 60s style chelsea boots which I got last year to finish off.

This look is fast becoming my summer uniform, sadly with an added jacket and tights while the weather continues sucking here. I love the loose shape and the light, floaty fabric of this dress. I actually got a few different colours and prints of this style from Primark, along with some gorgeous plisse dresses that I can’t wait to share with you. Hopefully the weather improves soon and we get some more of the lovely sunshine.

Katie xx

Red Cami Dress £8 Primark
White T-Shirt £10 Asos
Ankle Boots on sale £15 Asos
Fishnet Socks £0.99 Lamoda

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Mules are everywhere right now and I for one can’t get enough. They’re a massive footwear trend for this summer and I am down right loving them. Mules were all over the S/S16 runways, with designers giving us a new, youthful reinvention of this classic style. They’re the perfect, easy breezy summer shoe, a one stop style that can take you straight from day to night time.

There are like a bjillion pairs of mules that I want at the moment. Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there are definitely an awful lot that I’m in love with. The trusty UK high street has lots of different options when it comes to heel height, style, colours and fabrics, with most having a comfortable block heel. I’m basically obsessed with them. So, with that in mind, I thought I would share a selection of my favourites and the ones that I am seriously swooning over.

The Neutrals

Clockwise from top left: 1. ASOS £22, 2. TOPSHOP £92, 3. TOPSHOP £59, 4. OFFICE £60, 5. ZARA £39.99, 6. NEW LOOK £19.99

1. Asos Mule Sandals With Tortoise Heel in White £22

This Asos pair is going to be one of the most wearable out of the mules I’ve included. They have a very low heel, so they’re sure to be comfortable and are an easy casual shoe for every day wear. What really drew me to these is of course the gorgeous tortoise heel which I absolutely love. The heel spruces this simple shoe up and adds some lovely detail which helps them still stand out amongst the abundance of mules all over the high street. They’re faux leather, and come in both black and white, so the hardest thing is choosing which colour to go for (I honestly can’t decide which I prefer).

2. Topshop Pearl Effect High Heel Mules in Black £92

These insanely amazing Topshop mules are so utterly dreamy. I mean, just look at that incredible pearly heel and bow detail! They’re definitely a wear with care kind of shoe, and at the price I would need to execute a lot of caution in making sure nothing happened to them. They are very special indeed. These are also available in white, and there is a slightly lower heel version which comes in black and what I would describe as duck egg blue. They’re the most expensive pair I’ve included, and would certainly be more of a splurge purchase for me. But they are stunning and totally drool worthy.

3. Topshop Soft Unlined Mules in Black Leather £59

Probably the most classic pair, these simple black leather mules would be unbelievably versatile. Their low heel and the soft upper section makes them perfect for any look and any occasion. I can’t think of a more wearable pair of mules, and they have a square toe too which I love. If you prefer something a little fancier, you can also get these in silver leather, and there’s 3 different suede options- soft grey, light blue and pink - all of which I of course want!

4. Office Closed Toe Mules in Black Suede £60

This pair from Office is a little different to the rest. As you can see, this is the only pair of mules I’ve included that has a closed toe. I do really love the closed toe style, but they’re far less common than peep toe mules this season. That being said, there are some super stylish pairs. These black suede ones are my favourite, and they’re available in nude pink suede too if you’ve had enough of black (if that's even possible).

5. Zara High Heel Crossover Mules in White £39.99

Zara always do really gorgeous, classic shoes, and these white mules are no exception. They’re very chic and oh so stylish. They have the popular wood effect heel which adds a nice contrast against the bright, summery white of the criss-cross straps. They’re just beautiful.

6. New Look Mid Heel Mules in Tan £19.99

I happen to be very fond of tan accessories and tan footwear in particular. They’re often a go to for me, so I think a tan suedette mule is another rather classic option. I feel like this neutral colour adds some warmth to your outfit and you can’t really go wrong with a tan shoe. These are such an affordable price as well, and they’re also available in black.

The Colours

Clockwise from top left: 7. OFFICE £48, 8. ASOS £45, 9. OFFICE £58, 10. TOPSHOP £65, 11. EGO £24.99, 12. ZARA £49.99

7. Office Block Heel Mules in Pink Suede £48

Office have got these suede mid heel mules in a few different colour options, but this blush pink shade is my personal pick. Suede seems to be the material of choice for mules, with leather a close second. I often prefer suede shoes so this gorgeous style is right up my street. They also come in grey and black, and they actually also had apricot which I loved as they were a really unique, gorgeous colour, but unfortunately they’re currently sold out. These pretty pink ones are new in and couldn’t be any cuter.

8. Asos Lace Up Mules in Teal Velvet £45

Ok, so I may technically be cheating a little bit with these lace up shoes, but Asos describe them as mules, and who am I to argue with Asos? Lace up shoes are definitely a favourite of mine, regardless of the style, and these are just amazing. I decided to include them in this incredibly beautiful shade of teal, but they also come in a dreamy shade of pastel pink. Bonus: they’re also velvet, and I love me some velvet shoes.

9. Office Mules in Rose Gold Leather £58

Metallics are a huge trend this season and bring an unexpected twist to summer style. And let’s face it, they’re pretty darn snazzy too. There are quite a few pairs of gorgeous metallic mules, but these beauties from Office are definitely one of my favourites. I really love the contrasting wooden look heel, which is a common feature of quite a lot of mules and sandals at the moment. Plus I am a sucker for anything rose gold. I can’t get enough of it. These also come in silver, or there’s black and white if the metallic thing isn’t for you.

10. Topshop Flared Heel Mules in Pink £65

How fab are these hot pink mules? Yet another glorious statement shoe from the ever dependable Topshop. These are another gorgeous metallic pair in a stunning shade of pink, and they have an amazing flared heel. I think they’re kind of 80’s disco-tastic and a perfect party shoe. If the pink doesn’t do it for you, you can also get them in an equally dazzling gold.

11. Ego Block Heeled Mule in Light Blue £24.99

This is another great suede option, this time in a faux suede and at a lower price as a result. I love the criss-cross detailing and the higher heel height on these Ego mules, and again there are a few different colours available, including a classic black, light grey and an absolutely beautiful soft pink. This light blue colour seemed a bit different and I love them for it, plus it’s a lovely summery shade.

12. Zara Braided High Heel Mules in Yellow £49.99

I had to include this pair from Zara in the most summer appropriate, sunshine yellow shade. They have a wood effect heel to break it up a bit so they’re not too OTT, but they’re definitely more unique than some of the others. I love the detail of the braided upper section, and they’re going to add a bright pop of colour to any look.

This post actually took me quite a while to put together, purely because I had such a hard time narrowing it down to 12 pairs (it was supposed to only be 8). There are just so many gorgeous mules to choose from. They are definitely the shoe you need this summer.

Katie xx

Friday, 3 June 2016


Today’s post is the final part of my 3 ways to wear a floral dress series (see part 1 here and part 2 here), and I’m not sure but I think I may have saved the best for last. I was positive that my first look was going to be my favourite, but now I’m not so sure. I wanted my final outfit to be an evening look and to show an edgier way to style a floral dress such as this one from Topshop. I don’t typically feature that many evening looks, so maybe that’s why I’m loving this one so darn much.

My go to piece when I want to toughen my look up a bit is definitely a classic leather jacket, and a biker style is my favourite. I really love the contrast that comes from mixing a typically pretty, feminine floral dress with edgier, darker pieces such as this jacket, and I kept the rest of the look in keeping with this styling choice. These black, open toed, lace up stiletto heels from Ego are perfect to take this look into the night time, and as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I have a deep love and real weakness for lace up shoes of any kind. I was actually lucky enough to win the shoes last week from a competition I recently entered, and I was so excited. I think it’s pretty well known that I love shoes, so winning this gorgeous pair was amazing and I couldn’t wait to feature them on the blog. As soon as I decided to do this series of posts, I knew I was going to wear them with my evening look. I can seriously hardly walk in them, but I have a steely determination that I will master them without breaking my neck in the process.

As much as I love shoes, and all of the beautiful, beautiful styles that bring me so much happiness, I actually really hate my feet, and actually feet in general for that matter. So come summer time I always whip out the socks and shoes combo. It’s a look I’ve done and loved for years now and fortunately for me it’s now a popular option. Fishnet socks seem to be the go to choice at the moment and a big trend right now. I managed to find this great pair from Lamoda for just 99p, and they were the perfect pair for this outfit to add that extra bit of edge.

It would have been easy to add some statement jewellery to finish this look off and glam it up, but I still wanted the focus to primarily be on the floral dress and the lovely colours which stand out against the black. So I instead decided to keep my jewellery quite subtle with a simple black velvet choker and a couple of gold bangles, and added a small black bag to complete my outfit.

As I said in the first part of this series, there are so many ways to style a floral dress. I think they can be such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe for the summer, and these are just 3 of my favourite ways to wear them. I’ve really enjoyed doing this little series, so I hope that you’ve enjoyed it too.

I’d love to know which look has been your favourite, and let me know how you like to wear floral summer dresses.

Katie xx

Floral Tea Dress £42 Topshop
Faux Leather Biker Jacket no longer available H&M (similar here and here)
Lace Up Heels £29.99 Ego
Fishnet Socks £0.99 Lamoda
Cross Body Bag no longer available Asos (similar here)
Velvet Choker £5 Asos


Wednesday, 1 June 2016


On Monday, I shared with you the first part of a series of posts I’m doing of 3 ways to wear a floral dress, which you can check out here if you haven’t already. Today I have part 2 for you, which is another of my favourite ways to wear floral summer dresses.

This look is a much more casual and daytime appropriate way to wear floral dresses in the spring and summer time, and it’s perhaps the more typical sartorial choice for a pretty dress like this. It’s still easy to keep it looking fresh and modern and make it right for you. The key part for me was adding a denim jacket, which is a must have for me for those chillier days at this time of year. My usual denim jacket is a couple of years old now and has been worn so much that it was looking a bit too tattered, and not in the good way. I felt like I needed a new one this year, so for the past few weeks I’ve been on the lookout for an affordable replacement. I spotted this gorgeous cropped style recently in H&M and it was exactly what I was after, and a bargain at £19.99. I went for it in a light blue denim, but they also have it in a mid-blue as well. Just chucking on a denim jacket over any outfit can transform it into a more casual and laidback look.

I’ve paired my beautiful Topshop dress with some simple flat ghillie shoes, which is a style I happen to blooming love. You could actually switch out these shoes for pretty much any flats or trainers and they would work perfectly with a floral dress for a casual look. For the rest of my accessories, I decided to add some warmth with neutral tones which complimented the print on my dress. I opted for a tan saddle bag which is a great everyday style, and finished off with a simple tan cord choker. Add a pair of statement sunglasses to keep it looking cool and on trend and you’re good to go.

I think this is a gorgeous casual outfit and a great example of how you could wear a floral dress this summer. My 3rd and final look will be up on Friday, but in the meantime let me know what you think of the 2 looks I’ve shown so far.

Katie xx

Floral Tea Dress £42 Topshop
Denim Jacket £19.99 H&M
Ghillie Shoes no longer available Topshop (similar here and here)
Saddle Bag no longer available Topshop (similar here)
Double Cord Choker £4 Asos
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