Sunday 25 February 2018


It’s been quite some time since my last beauty post, but since I started blogging again I really want to start incorporating more beauty as it is such a big part of my life and something I love. With that said, I wanted to share a new (ish) palette that has become a go to for me.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of my absolute favourite make up brands. I use quite a few products from them, with their eyeshadows and highlighters in particular being completely amazing (I use them 99% of the time!). It’s a brand that never used to be that readily available in the UK, so I would stock up on favourites and new products to try when I or my family travelled to the US. The prices end up being cheaper over there too, so on my most recent holiday to Orlando, Florida, I took full advantage and added quite a few more bits to my ABH collection.

One of the new pieces I picked up was the Sugar Glow Kit, so I thought I would do a quick review for you today. I’ve had it for a couple of months now so I’ve been able to form a true opinion. This palette was part of the limited edition holiday collection but it is still available to buy at the moment.

The Sugar Glow Kit is a highlight palette which contains 4 dreamy shades. Described as a collection of metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity to give a radiant glow, all 4 can be layered and applied wet or dry.

The kit contains 3 shades which have been previously released within other ABH palettes, and 1 new one. I actually haven’t had a highlight kit before so all of these shades are new for me. Before I purchased this palette, I’ve been using Anastasia’s Illuminators as my highlighters, which by the way I can’t rave enough about. I still have a little bit left of Starlight which was my favourite (the tiny bit that’s clinging on is saved for special occasions now), and I then got So Hollywood which I’ve used pretty much every single day since I got it around a year ago. The Illuminators are heartbreakingly (for me) no longer available, so I've been paying more attention to possible replacements. I’ve been interested in the Glow Kits that Anastasia often release for a while, but none of them have ever caught my attention where I’ve thought I’d actually use all of the shades included. The Sugar Kit looked amazing though, and when I went to look at it in person and swatch it I fell in love with the colours.

The 4 shades are-
Marshmallow: White pearl
Gumdrop: Duo chrome pink lilac
Starburst: Icy Pink
Butterscotch: Honey gold

Outdoor Swatches; from L to R Starburst, Butterscotch, Gumdrop, Marshmallow

Indoor Swatches; from L to R Starburst, Butterscotch, Gumdrop, Marshmallow

Marshmallow has been my favourite so far, I love the more white based highlights as they tend to suit me more with me being pale, plus it does remind me of my beloved Starlight. I’m always worried some shades in palettes like this will end up being too dark or pigmented on my skin tone, but all of these work well for me. The formula is very buildable and silky smooth so applies really well, making it very easy to control how much you’re applying and build for a higher coverage. They are very ‘glowy’, with Butterscotch having a bit more sparkle to it with some larger flecks of glitter. For those who prefer a very subtle highlight, I don’t think these are going to be for you. I however absolutely love them and have really enjoyed having more variety of highlighters all in the same, convenient palette. I definitely would recommend if you’re like me and love a good glow. I apply mine along the top of my cheekbones and take around a little above my brow bone, under my brows in the arch, the inner corner of my eyes, down the bridge of my nose and a little on the cupids bow of my lip. I only apply them dry with a brush and haven’t tried them wet yet, but I’d imagine it would be a great way to get a more intense glow. They tend to last a full day as well, which is always an important factor for me.

In terms of how the formula compares to the Illuminators, I have to admit I still personally prefer the Illuminators. They’re a little more pigmented and denser, so you need less product when applying as they are so smooth and just apply like a dream. The shades in the Glow Kit are still amazing; I’m just biased towards the Illuminators. I will say though that the Glow Kit shades aren’t quite as intense which would probably be a plus for many, but they are still very buildable for those that do want a stronger finish.

I can’t say enough good things about the Sugar Glow Kit and I’m so pleased I picked it up. I think I’ll be more interested to try more of the Glow Kits when they’re released as well as it works out quite good value for money when you’re getting 4 shades. My highlighters tend to really last me a while as well so I know this is a palette I’m going to be able to enjoy using for a long time to come. Definitely recommend!

Have you tried the Sugar Glow Kit or any of the other Glow Kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills?

Katie xx

Sugar Glow Kit is £41 and is available at Anastasia Beverly Hills, Feel Unique, Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay.


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